“We want to create a future where both girls and boys build solutions for tomorrow—inspired by the UN’s Global Goals.”


High5Girls holds STEM + Entrepreneur Hackathons. They are fun 5-6 hour events where participants are introduced to solve a significant challenge related to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) during the weekend or after school.

We invite the participants to solve a challenge from the UN Global Goals with an entrepreneurial mindset. Girls can also sign up to camps that last three days. These are conducted during summer, winter and fall holidays. Camps give us more time to dig deeper into entrepreneurial thinking processes. Camps are individualized based on the needs each girl has identified and wants to work on.

If a girl wants to develop her idea/product, she can submit it for approval. If her project is approved, a mentor will be assigned to the project, and 1,000 DKK will be budgeted for further development of the idea. The year will end with a celebration bash where everyone who has followed a mentoring project will be invited and asked to present their concept and solution.


An entrepreneur is someone who identifies a problem and finds an innovative way to solve it. Like any discipline, entrepreneurship can be learned. Are you curious about an entrepreneurial mindset? Curious to experience it for yourself?  If you are young and daring, come and give it a try. This is going to be an exciting and engaging experience with entrepreneurial thinking.

Problem-Solving: Participants will get hands-on experience with idea-generation and how to develop creative solutions to problems and challenges.

Bravery: We will cultivate each girl’s ability to leave her comfort zone.

Creativity: Participants will be encouraged to be fearless and not to let themselves be limited

Teamwork: The girls will learn how to communicate and collaborate with a diverse group of people from different backgrounds and with different skills and perspectives. 

Idea generation: Students will be asked to come up with many ideas without judging them. We ask them to think wide and long—with no fear.

Pitch: Girls will learn to fell the passion when they can articulate their ideas, persuade their audience and sell them to potential “customers” or “Investors”.

Present to a group: Students will be trained in overcoming their fears when making presentations to large groups. We’ll coach them to communicate their ideas comfortably and confidently on stage.


A hackathon is an event where people come together to solve a problem in a short period of time.

At our hackathons, girls are asked to create a new product related to a UN Global Goal and try to persuade others that it is a brilliant idea.

Girls will be part of a team of 2-4 people

Each team will have a piece of cardboard to present their ideas

There will be guidelines to help the girls make 1-3 sales pitches for their products

Start with a question. What is the problem that needs to be solved?

What is the solution? Why is it unique?

Who should buy it? (your market)

How much should it cost?

What do you want us to do for you?

At the end of each day, each team will be given 3 minutes to present their ideas to the audience.


TICKETS 150 DKK. Includes T-Shirt, food and refreshments plus materials

PLACE: Cities/regions, companies and educational centers


Our High5Girls STEM + Entrepreneur camps cultivate skills and self-confidence for careers in science, technology, engineering, and math in a fun and engaging summer setting. Campers will also learn about entrepreneurship, which means identifying a problem and finding an innovative way to solve it. Like any discipline, entrepreneurship can be learned. If you are young and daring, come and give it a try. This is going to be an exciting experience. Here’s how we roll…

Day 1: Lay the foundation

Solving problems with innovative products. Why is it unique? Who are your customers? Who are your competitors? What’s your budget?

Day 2: Experiment with graphic visuals and communication. Learn about marketing. What are your options? Developing the sales pitch. Advertising and planning.

Day 3: Pricing. Costs. Breaking-even. Budgeting. Sales targets.

It’s Show Time! The girls show what they have accomplished and prepare their sales pitch.

Objective: Give girls between the ages of 13-18 an insider’s look into what the business world has to offer and what it takes to run a company. At the end of the day, we want to make them feel like STEM + Rockstars.

What campers will experience in 3 days

  • Explore their talents with other girls
  • Challenge their leadership and planning skills
  • Gain business and entrepreneurial capabilities and experience
  • Learn from female leaders, entrepreneurs and technologists
  • The entrepreneur mindset
  • An introduction to business
  • Product develop and discovering new inventions
  • About financing and budgeting
  • Creativity and creative thinking
  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Leadership skills and presentation training
  • Skills needed to succeed this century: About product development, marketing research and technology
  • Pathways for studying STEMS: technical course work in high schools and universities
  • Exploring future careers

Tickets: 1500, DKK. Includes T-Shirt, food and refreshments plus materials

Place: Cities/regions, companies and educational centers


When brainstorming, there are never any bad ideas. Dreams and wild ideas are welcome!