Role models are essential for attracting girls and young women into STEM studies and careers.

Even girls who do well in STEM often struggle to identify with STEM fields because they don’t have STEM role models to relate to. For girls, seeing women, as well as understanding how that woman got to where she is, encourages them to chase their dreams.

According to a 2018 Microsoft survey, for example, STEM role models increase girls’ interest in STEM careers from 32 per cent to 52 per cent.

High5Girls was started by a couple of STEM+Entrepreneurial girls who have experienced working in technology fields themselves. They know the barriers, challenges and the thrills of working in tech and starting their own companies.

When we create opportunities for girls to stretch their minds beyond the gravitational pull of traditional career paths for women, we give them the confidence to change the world.


Send a mail to contact@high5girls.dk and tell us your story. Please keep it short. Who are you, your education, your work experience, and where you are today. Also, what motivates you to become a role model for High5Girls? We promise to get back to you.

Could you be a role model for young girls—between 13-18 years of age—to help them pursue a STEM + Entrepreneurial education and perhaps career?


We are looking for Role Models who:

  • Have a STEM/ENTREPRENEURIAL background
  • Want to share their stories and inspire girls and young women to pursue a STEM/Entrepreneurial pathway
  • Would enjoy participating in our arrangements and share your stories
  • Is willing to talk about wins as well as challenges
  • Is not required to attend a specified number of events, but it is possible to send video clip presentations!