Renewable Energy and Sustainability. DTU Lyngby Hackathon

Renewable Energy and Sustainability could be the engine that moves the world post COVID-19 in order to combate climate change and pandemic crisis with a common roadmap. This hackathon we have made in cooperation with 6 Sustainable Energy women Engineers. Together, we will address a few problems that have big consequences in our CO2 footprint. Facing a problem that needs to be solved, participants will be introduced to some technologies which allow humans to reduce our footprint as well as being challenged to think as entrepreneurs.

The girls will be introduced to hands-on technology. We will work with solar cells and a small wind turbine and other technologies relevant when talking about renewable energy.

Because of COVID-19 we have to do this hackathon virtually. We will send some materials to you beforehand and we ask you to ask one of your girlfriends to attend the hackathon with you so that you can work together during the hackathon – we will then have 6 sites with 2 girls in each site – at DTU the 6 educators and High5girls will be together.

Sign up? Send a mail to Mette with the following information: Your name, address, phone number, age, one of your parents emails and phone number, size of T-shirt you need ( from xs to xl), and let us know if you have any allergies or so we should be aware of ( we send some nuts and “hygge” with the technology kit you will have to work with during the hackathon.

We are so much looking forward to seeing you. The Hackathon will be held in English. It will be possible to ask questions to a Danish speaking person in case there are issues because of the language but – you need to be able to understand some English and have an interest in learning more.

In High5Girls we envision a world where both boys and girls actively contribute to the STEM solutions of the future. Our focus is girls within the ages of 13 – 19 so we organise Camps/Hackathons to introduce them to technology and let them embrace Entrepreneurial Thinking. We do it in a fun, safe (following COVID-19 regulations) and comfortable atmosphere where  participants can work with technology and entrepreneurship in a creativity environment.

Where: DTU Lyngby Skylab (and virtually)

When: March 13 2021 at DTU 10.00-16.00

Sponsors: Novo Nordisk Fonden. Teknologipagten. Ørsted

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