High5Girls is a place for you who would like to see if STEM Science Technology Engineering Mathematics is something for you or miss a girls community within science and technology.

If you are curious and want to try new things, then at camps you can meet our role models, do hands-on technology and entrepreneurship – with other girls in a safe atmosphere where you can be who you are 100%. You can get a glimse into a wide range of jobs and studies that are about developing new and sustainable products for the world.And you will see that technology can be about helping people and do something good for the world.

We do camps on many different science areas – everything from sustainable clothing production, pain research to robots and artificial intelligence.

We have more than 150 role models. They decide which camps we offer. Together with them, we develop a program based on their passion and knowledge. At a Camp we always visit a university or a company that works with the technology.

When we plan a program, we make sure that there is variety, that it is fun and that you get to try something that you have probably never tried before.

And most importantly, make sure there is room for you – just as you are.



A camp is a 2-day event where you do hands-on experience with a technology and meet the role models who work with it.

For us, technology is always connected to the problem we try to solve. Therefore, you will also gain knowledge about the societal challenges that technology is trying to solve.

Our role models are often engineers and they have some pretty exciting stories to tell about their way into the particular subject. And maybe you can recognize something in their story that give you an idea of ​​what it would be like for you to study or work within a similar area. Another thing that is also important to us is your ideas. Therefore, a Camp always contains an entrepreneurial task. Here you let your imagination run wild and find – with the new knowledge you have gained – a product that the world could benefit from.

You will work together with the other girls at the Camp on the task and get help from the role models. Our experience is that the most fantastic products are invented. Finally, the groups pitch (tell) about their ideas and get feedback. In the evening there is free play, fun, music and games at the hostel.

We provide transport, food/drinks, snacks and accommodation as we always find a sponsor who support the idea of opening the eyes for girls that technology is also a girls thing.



“I think the whole concept of High5Girls is really good and I think it’s so cool that there are people like you who think it’s important to give us girls an opportunity to explore abilities, such as leading a project and to develop our own ideas.

I think the day was a really good experience as, for example, from the morning, we were  welcomed with open arms, both by you adults but also by the other girls. We started by telling what we loved and made us happy. In any case, this exercise made me throw away all the little parades you probably always have when you try something completely new, because everyone was fascinated by each other’s answers and you were so good at backing up our answers.

The exercises we did during the day were also very good as we had a lot of free rein and we had time to go in depth with our ideas. We got the help we needed without feeling that what we had developed was not our own. I think on the whole you did really well


Best Noa “


During our Mother/Daughter evenings we invite girls aged 13-16 and their mothers. It is an evening where we do hands-on technology and have good conversations about education and the way your parents can support. Figures show that in 75% of all cases Mother is the one discussing education with her daughter. She is therefore the most important role model when it comes to showing the way and supporting your education. Come and meet our role models. We also talk about job stereotypes, biases and how we leave a mark with our own behavior. An evening with knowledge of what is important when you need the best support in your choice of education.

For past and upcoming events: CALENDAR

The event is not fixed, but will be added to our calendar when there are new ones.


High5Girls is a community where we meet to be curious about the world. Some are particularly fond of astrophysics, some about coding robots, while others just want to have a little sniff of it all. What brings us together is the joy of science, learning about new technology, using our knowledge creatively and having fun with each other.

Many girls make new friends at a Camp and they keep in contact after a camp. For most girls, the best thing about High5Girls is the community they become a part of.


Our work is about showing young girls, their parents and the whole society that science and technology are for girls too. That all roles are girl roles and that they are invited to reach out for science, technology, engineering and mathematics. We use our over 125 female role models for this – we see their passion and knowledge of science making a huge difference for the girls.

In addition to our own events, we are also active in other events that deal with technology and diversity. You can find us at Folkemødet Bornholm, where we participate in debates on “How we promote women in STEM”, we have participated in the Universe (Danfoss) Robot Festival and in a collaboration with DR micro:bit. We can be found at tech fairs, at book launches at Female Founders and in debates about equality, gender biases and stereotypical images of women in jobs and education.

We are always looking for exciting events in this area.

Feel free to contact us.


As part of offering more science in leisure time, we are working to make it possible to ‘Go to Science’. There will be 8 times over 3 months where you can sign up for e.g. robot coding. Here we get more in-depth with the topics and we also get to know the role model and the others on the team better.

If you are interested in hearing more about the team and start-up, sign up for our waiting list. We will keep you informed when the teams start.