CAMP – Campus Bornholm

Camp. Campus Bornholm. April 9/10 2021

Join High5Girls for 2 days of robotics fun, hosted by our very own robotics engineering and High5Girls rolemodel Clionadh Martin (Clio). Clio will bring you through a journey of learning how to think like a robot, to see their possibilities and learn how the robots around you think and feel. This will all be based on real life scenarios and applications.

Once you are happy you can think like a robot, we will apply that thinking to develop our very own Line Following robot, from physically assembling all the pieces together, writing code to tell it what to do, and having a bit of friendly competition with your new friends.

Where: Campus Bornholm

When: 9/10 April 2021

Who: Girls 15-19 years old. No technical knowledge needed – if you are interested in hearing, learning, trying – this is for you. Max 15 girls can participate.


apr 09 - 10 2021


15:00 - 15:00


Campus Bornholm
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