Unlock the Mysteries of Electricity: An Empowering Hackathon

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Girls aged 14-16

Have you ever wondered how electricity is produced? Why your parents complained so much about the electricity prices last year? Or why electricity prices keep changing so much?

Wonder no more! Join us for an electrifying experience at the Netherlands’ Electricity Camp, sponsored by ENGIE, scheduled for the weekend of June 22nd-23rd. Prepare for an immersive visit to the ENGIE Eemshaven power plant where every day gas is transformed into electricity. You will discover what a boiler is and how a steam turbine works. Moreover, the plant is surrounded by ENGIE’s wind park which will give a privileged perspective on the different technologies that produce electricity. Additionally, we will be in one of the most energy intensive regions of the Netherlands, where the electricity cable between Netherlands and Denmark is connected.

But that’s just the beginning! After learning how electricity is made, we’ll also explore the tough choices country have to make when deciding where to invest their money in new technologies. Ever questioned why Denmark has abundant wind power while France leans toward nuclear technology?

We will be consultants asked to design the future electricity mix of a region. Which technologies will you invest in? There are many possibilities: gas, coal, nuclear, wind, solar and more. But be careful because it’s not so easy! You will have  to take into account different factors: costs, production, location, CO2 emissions, etc . After, you will have to convince your clients why your design is the best solution.

Now that you have decided which technologies to invest in, you will have to sell their electricity to the market. Make sure you think twice about which strategy to follow as there will be other players who might take advantage of your mistakes.

Important info:

We will spend the night in the beautiful northern Dutch countryside where we will relax and play board games.

You will spend 2 days with rolemodels Itzel Balderaz, Alicia Alarcón Cobacho and Paula Riera Turró. You have to pay for the flight to Amsterdam but all is sponsored by Paula´s company Engie from when you land in Amsterdam until you are back in the airport.

Curious about these captivating topics? Then sign up for this transformative hackathon. For any inquiries, don’t hesitate to reach out.

For questions – please write to Marianne: ma@high5girls.dk


jun 22 - 23 2024


16:00 - 15:00


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